Visiting the Institutions

The House of Europe in Val de Marne offers you a selection of visits to institutions and memorial sites that will allow you to discover emblematic and historically rich places in Europe. Whether you are interested in politics, diplomacy, or collective memory, these visits are sure to captivate and enrich you.

We regularly organize guided tours that are open to everyone (from the age of 15) in small groups (for a total of 20 people in total).

Regarding visits for school groups, we offer to engage with the students beforehand to present the institutional functioning.

If you would like us to help you organize a visit for an existing group, please contact us.

The European Parliament in Brussels

The European Parliament is where Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) meet to debate, vote, and make decisions that influence the lives of millions of European citizens.

Visiting the European Parliament in Brussels is an exceptional opportunity to discover the inner workings of European politics and to better understand the role of this institution in the construction of Europe.

You will have the chance to explore the permanent exhibition that traces the history of the European Union from its beginnings to the present day. Informative panels, videos, and testimonies will help you better understand the challenges and achievements of the European Union.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg

For politics enthusiasts, we invite you to discover the European Parliament in Strasbourg. You will have the opportunity to visit the headquarters of this major political institution and understand how it operates. A unique experience to better grasp the stakes of the European Union.

The Palace of Nations in Geneva

For those curious about diplomacy, the Palace of Nations in Geneva is a must-visit. By exploring this European headquarters of the United Nations, you will discover the conference rooms where crucial international negotiations take place. A unique opportunity to understand the stakes of international cooperation.

Must-See Places to Visit

The Robert Schuman House in Metz

Immerse yourself in the history of Europe by discovering this iconic residence where the idea of European integration was born.

The Robert Schuman House is the birthplace of Robert Schuman, a French statesman and one of the founding fathers of the European Union. By visiting this historic house, you will have the opportunity to explore the remarkable journey of this visionary man.