Equipment and documentation

Reserved for members of the HE94


At the reception of the House of Europe in Val de Marne, a large number of publications on the European Union are available free of charge for children, young people, and adults.

An example of the documentation we have in abundance includes:

  • Des quizz sur l'Europe

  • Europe and Me

  • Discovering Europe

  • Europe Together

  • Europe, a Single Currency

  • Maps of the European Union

  • Youth documentation (coloring books, games, comics, children's books...)

Equipment lending

The House of Europe in Val de Marne has various types of equipment in stock. For your events, consider borrowing what you need from us.

The House of Europe can lend you:

  • Exhibition panels on specific European themes

  • Quizzes about Europe

  • Flags and banners of the European Union

  • Flags and banners of EU member countries

  • Books from our library on various European themes

Meeting rooms

The House of Europe in Val de Marne has a meeting room with projection equipment that can accommodate up to 30 people.

Are you organizing an event on Europe and looking for a venue? Don't hesitate to contact us (free lending for members)...

As a student, researcher, or anyone else, you are welcome to come and work here!

We have ample resources available to help you with documentation.