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As a European citizen, you have the opportunity to collaborate on numerous topics with European Movements, such as...

The European Movement-France (ME-F)

is an association that brings together men, women, and organizations who wish to commit to the construction of Europe from a federal perspective, regardless of their political affiliations.

Its mission is to "raise awareness among the French people about Europe and the shared destiny of its peoples.


In 2021, thanks to the Europe Device, the local sections in the Paris region of the Mouvement Européen-France and the Jeunes Européens launched the project "Europe around my corner". A project that thus meets the missions of the Mouvement Européen-France, namely: raising awareness, nourishing European debates, and collecting proposals to collectively build the Europe of tomorrow.


Founded in 2003, EuropaNova was born from the determination of a group of young Europeans to reinvigorate European integration.

This non-profit organization aspires to transform the European Union into a proactive, strategic, and influential public power on the world stage, resolutely committed to defending & promoting its European values, while ensuring the well-being of its citizens with a renewed perspective of innovation, solidarity, and openness to the world.


is a pan-European citizen movement founded in 2016. Its main objective is to promote a positive vision of the European Union and to strengthen citizens' sense of belonging to Europe. This movement organizes gatherings and peaceful demonstrations, often in the form of picnics or informal meetings, in several European cities, including in France.