The President's word

Dear visitors,

It is my great pleasure to address you to explain the purpose of our House of Europe in Val de Marne.

For many years, European mobility has mainly been reserved for students from prestigious schools. With the European mobility center of Val de Marne, we have expanded it to include some young people supported by the network of local missions in the department, thus offering a unique and enriching experience to a privileged group of young people. Although this initiative was commendable, we believe it is time to broaden its horizons and allow more people to benefit from this openness to Europe.

As the House of Europe in Val-de-Marne, our main mission is to promote the European idea, the culture of unity, and the common values that unite us as citizens of the European Union. We are convinced that European encounters are a powerful driver to strengthen this common identity and foster mutual understanding among peoples.

Our structure provides mediation with the services of the European Union to facilitate access to grants and schemes for those who wish to broaden their horizons and develop partnerships beyond national borders. Therefore, we will implement initiatives to support those aspiring to work at the European level, become entrepreneurs in Europe, or simply discover new professional horizons in other European countries.

We will also work to raise awareness among employers, local institutions, and public bodies about the benefits of Europe. It is crucial to create an environment conducive to seizing the services offered by European institutions and overcoming the difficulties that may prevent some from seizing these opportunities.

Our goal is to strengthen bonds, enrich our cultures, and promote a united and dynamic Europe.

We invite you to join our initiatives and our adventure and explore the possibilities available to you.

Welcome to the House of Europe in Val-de-Marne, for everyone!

The President of the House of Europe in Val-de-Marne