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The House of Europe offers exciting presentations on Europe, specially designed for students.

These presentations will enable your students to better understand the European Union, its functioning, history, and challenges.

Customize your projects with HE 94

Our various interventions are tailored to different school levels and can be customized according to your class's needs. They provide an immersive and educational experience, allowing students to better understand Europe, its functioning, and to raise awareness of its importance in our globalized world.

This interactive workshop will allow students to discover the institutions of the European Union, their roles, and responsibilities. They will engage in role-playing games and simulations to better understand the European decision-making process. This workshop will also promote exchanges and debates among students on current European topics.

Workshop on cultural diversity in Europe

Conference on European History

This conference will trace the history of Europe, from the beginnings of European integration to the present day. Students will explore the key events that have shaped Europe as we know it today. Visual aids and captivating anecdotes will make this conference accessible and engaging for students.

This workshop will focus on the richness and cultural diversity of Europe. Students will have the opportunity to discover the various traditions, languages, and customs of European countries. Interactive activities such as tasting culinary specialties or artistic presentations will allow students to immerse themselves in European cultural diversity.

Debate on European issues

This lively debate will enable students to discuss and debate current European topics. They will have the opportunity to express their opinions, present arguments, and listen to their classmates' viewpoints. This debate will foster the development of communication, argumentation, and critical thinking skills among students.

Visit Europe

Why not consider a specially tailored visit to European institutions for your school? This visit will allow your students to get a close look at the functioning of the European Union and better understand its role in our society. They can explore the buildings, attend plenary sessions or meetings, and engage in discussions with representatives of the institutions.

Explore Europe Further

In addition to visiting the institutions, we can also organize interactive workshops on specific topics such as human rights, environmental policy, or European citizenship. These workshops promote exchanges and debates among students while deepening their understanding of European issues.

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Workshop on the European Union