Disability & Inclusion

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Inclusion and disability are important concerns within the framework of the European Union's Erasmus program, and concrete measures are taken to ensure the participation and success of disabled individuals.

Out of the 87 million people with disabilities in the European Union, representing one in four adults, specific measures are implemented to ensure their participation in the program.

Efforts are made to make the program accessible to individuals with disabilities. Adjustments are made to enable disabled participants to fully benefit from the opportunities provided. Financial support measures are also put in place to assist disabled individuals during their international exchanges. Specific support is offered throughout their Erasmus experience to ensure their integration and success.

ExchangeAbility is an initiative launched by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) aimed at promoting the inclusion of participants with disabilities in European exchange programs such as the Erasmus program. The main goal of ExchangeAbility is to raise awareness, inform, and facilitate access to exchange opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Le projet Inclusivemobility (EPFIME) Co-funded by Erasmus+ KA3, is a program that aims to promote inclusive mobility for individuals with disabilities. This initiative focuses on facilitating access to travel and mobility for people with disabilities, with an emphasis on accessibility, information, and support.