The House of Europe of Val-de-Marne

A Force for the Department

We are delighted to welcome you virtually to our institution dedicated to the promotion of Europe and its values.

Whether you are a resident of Val-de-Marne or a passing visitor, our house is a place for meetings, exchanges, and information about the European Union. Here, you can discover a wide range of activities, debates, training sessions, exhibitions, conferences, and many other events aimed at bringing European citizens closer together.

Browse through our website and subscribe to our newsletter to discover the initiatives we offer, the projects we support, and the partnerships we have established. We hope that our virtual house will become a space of exchange and discovery for you, and we invite you to visit us regularly to stay informed about European news.

Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions, questions, or if you wish to get involved in any way. We are here to support you in your European journey and to offer you a rewarding experience.

Welcome to the House of Europe of Val-de-Marne, where Europe is lived daily.

Enjoy your visit!

person wearing blue top during daytime
person wearing blue top during daytime

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