Capture Europe in VDM

Photography contest

The photography contest on the theme of Europe in Val-de-Marne is open to all amateur and professional photographers residing in the department. The objective of this contest is to showcase the various aspects of Europe through photographs taken in Val-de-Marne.

Participants are invited to capture images that reflect the cultural, architectural, natural, or social diversity of Europe. Photos can depict iconic landmarks, landscapes, cultural events, portraits of people of European origin, etc.

Candidates can submit up to three photographs in digital format, accompanied by a brief description explaining the connection to the theme. The photos must be original and not have been published previously.

A jury composed of photography professionals and representatives of European culture will select the best photographs. Selection criteria will include artistic quality, relevance to the theme, and originality.

The photographs of the top ten winners will be exhibited at the Maison de l'Europe du Val-de-Marne on Europe Day, May 9, 2024. The other selected photographs will also be displayed in an online gallery dedicated to the contest.

Participants must send their photographs by email to the address

no later than August 31, 2024.

This photography contest offers a unique opportunity to showcase the richness of Europe in Val-de-Marne and promote the creativity of local photographers.

Do not miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and share your vision of Europe through the lens of your camera!